Artists lend their voices

Pulseoftheearth installation
The climate refugee boys

Everywhere you go in Copenhagen are art installations of some sort trying to raise awareness of Climate Change and associated problems. Part of a series by the Seven Meters Art Project these 2 linked installations occupy prime position outside the Bella Centre where the Conference is taking place.

One that made a huge impact just this morning is called “The Pulse of the Earth” and if you can get past the rather self-important title it is a reminder of the impacts on earth and people that Climate Change threatens. The first thing you see is a bronze sculpture illuminated by red light (at night) entitled ‘The Messenger’ a not-so-subtle figure which reminds me of pictures of Death. Behind it in the water canals which run under the metro line are sculptures of ‘climate refugee boys’. I find these particularly disturbing.

Little Mermaid and Survival of the Fattest
The Little Mermaid and Survival of the Fattest

Another sculpture from this group is entitled, “Survival of the Fattest” and is situated in the water very close to Copenhagen’s famous “Little Mermaid” sculpture. It shows a fat Justitia figure representing the bloated consumerist West, holding the scales of justice whilst getting a ride on the back of an emaciated African man. According to the project’s literature, “she [represents]… the western world’s hypocritical self-righteousness” as she will do anything to ease the burden of the sinking man except step down off his back.  Pretty powerful stuff.