From impressions to the fossil of the day

There is no doubt that we are at COP15. As soon as I got off my flight I was bombarded by exciting advertising aimed to provoke my climate change guilt. Amongst the most innovative were those by the “tcktcktck” campaign showing aged world leaders like Barack Obama and Gordon Brown with slogans saying “In Copenhagen we could have saved the world”. Siemens also has a great “Hopenhagen” campaign.

Everything i very well organised, with free bus services from the airport and free travel passes once you have registered. But the registration process is nothing to joke about. It took me three hours of queues untill I finally became one of the 20000 official observers.

Copenhagen is a buzz with Climate Change events, concerts, art displays and info stands on every corner, and the Bella Centre is a buzz with the negotiations and observers.

Ukraine wins Fossil of the Day
Ukraine wins Fossil of the Day

Besides running around to understand how the complex functions I managed to attend two side events yesterday, one on NAMAs and another on China’s negotiation position. Today I’ve been following the negotiations more carefully with a particular interest on Annex 1 targets. There is a side event host by CAN-Europe that I aim to attend later which should give agood overview of the GHG emission reductions targets presented by Annex 1 countries. Ukraine was proclaimed “fossil of the day” for having presented the single worst target. Although their target of reducing emissions by 20% from 1990 levels sounds good on the surface, in reality it means an increase of 75% from today’s levels – a stance that in the negotiations is known as “hot air”.

Many more exciting days lie ahead. Lets make “Hopenhagen” a reality!