Morning headlines

11/12/2009 Africa downplays chances of a deal: African Union climate negotiator Meles Zenawi says the main obstacle for a climate deal is whether or not rich countries can come up with sufficient funding for developing countries.

12/11/2009: Europe Pledges Over $10 Billion for Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Nations
12/12/2009: Climate talks: First blows struck over deal: Major players fired the first shots in a three-way battle on climate change on Friday, wrangling over a seven-page document proposed as the blueprint of a historic UN pact. The world’s number one and two polluters, China and the United States, laid down markers in what promises to be a fiery week-long haggle while developing countries likened European leaders — who had pledged more than $10-billion in aid just hours before — to “climate sceptics”.

12/12/2009: China says US envoy ‘irresponsible’ on climate aid: China on Friday attacked a top US envoy as either “extremely irresponsible” or lacking in common sense, for saying at a global summit to tackle warming that no US climate aid would go to China.

11/12/2009: Russia sets conditions for climate deal: Russia met its Kyoto Protocol goal and therefore stipulates that unused emission quotas be carried over to a new climate agreement.

11/12/2009: Proposal: 25 billion dollars to save tropical forests: A global policy to preserve forests and limit carbon dioxide emissions will likely be folded into a draft text this week at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, UN negotiators are preparing a 25 billion US dollar proposal to save tropical forests in more than 10 countries.

11/12/2009: G-77 chief negotiator walked out in anger: Chief negotiator for 130 developing countries believes that the UN climate change conference “will probably be wrecked by the bad intentions of some people”.

11/12/2009: COP15 Copenhagen climate summit: Day 5

News on South Africa

1/12/2009: South Africa: An Experiment in Climate Change Adaptation Planning
10/11/2009: SA to host UN climate talks in 2011

10/11/2009: Climate change on agenda
3/12/2009: The Road to Copenhagen: Climate Change, Energy and South Africa’s Foreign Policy,  SAIIA. This 30-page South African occasional paper considers the challenges facing South Africa in balancing domestic priorities with growing international pressure to reduce carbon emission