To IPR or not to IPR?

‘IPR’ (Intellectual Property Rights) is another of the many acronyms tossed around in the negotiations, primarily in the context of decisions around technology. It is an intriguing issue that has received a significant amount of blame as a barrier to technology transfer, when actually there has been little concrete evidence that this is the case. To fully understand the intricacies of IPR’s, requires an equally intricate legal brain. However in the context of the climate change negotiations, the IPR term… Read moreTo IPR or not to IPR?

Dead-lock breaking mechanism for the FCCC?

In the first few days in Cancún, many Parties have spoken strongly and at times eloquently about multi-lateralism.  Not just as a means in itself, but as a means to the end of combating climate change.  Is this a case of protesting too much?  Climate change is being dealt with in many different places after all.  Business, civil society, local government all must play greater roles in future. And in negotiations between nation-states, the fora have multiplied – the G20… Read moreDead-lock breaking mechanism for the FCCC?

Linking Rio Conventions (CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD)

Buenos días Landed in the beautiful city of Cancun, warm and humid, and finding my way to hotel Flamingo in Spanish was a little bit of a challenge, but my sign language skill did some tricks, :). Attended the first side even on linking Rio conventions (CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD). Presentations by Japan’s Deputy Minister of environment and the Korean Director of environment. Both were reviewing the Nagoya outcomes on linking the Rio conventions. Their talks were on the ecosystem… Read moreLinking Rio Conventions (CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD)

Welcome el Presidente

As  delegates from nearly 200 different countries congregate to the humid shores of Cancun,  Seb and I familiarise ourselves with the logistics that surround such an event.  ‘Find the venue’ – check, ‘Get your security badge’ -check, ‘locate a Daily Programme’ – check, ‘attempt communication in span-english to locate the necessary venues’ – check (but definitely room for improvement). Today is Day one – negotiation sessions are opened, and side events are kicking off. This morning el Presidente of Mexico, His… Read moreWelcome el Presidente