Japan no love Kyoto

This mornings delegates in the Cancun Messe were welcomed by Kimono-clad ladies framed by a 2m tall cardboard heart saying ‘Love Kyoto’. This was accompanied by a choir singing ‘All you (Kyoto) need is love’. The purpose was to take polaroids of as many delegates ‘loving Kyoto’.

This comes on  the back of Japan’s statement in yesterdays KP (Kyoto Protocol) plenary. In reference to the second committment period of the KP Japan stated ‘Japan will not inscribe its target under the KP on any conditions or under any circumstances’.  This statement also won Japan first place in the ‘Fossil of the Day’ award (Fossils are awarded daily to those countries hindering progress in the climate talks). The implications are that Japan is turning its back on a basic framework agreed upon in Bali which included developed countries continuing their commitments under the KP ( as well as comparable efforts from the USA and developing countries nationally appropriate mitigation actions).

A personal ad circulating the Cancun venue today goes as follows:

Currently struggling with a 13-year relationship, just looking for a good time in the Cancun sun. Likes: comic books, excellent food, movies, robots and big industry Dislikes: Commitment, cooperation, compliance, science and targets.

If interested email: scared_of-commitment@awg.kp

As today’s ECO newsletter says “Does Japan really want to be known for the the burial of the Protocol that was born in one of its beautiful cities?”.  Watch this space. Full article in ECO: http://www.climatenetwork.org/newsletter/eco-3-cop-16-english-version