REDD+ and biodiversity

Es nuevamente conmigo!

As you might have predicted, my next stop would be anything to do with REDD.

If my counting is right, there are more REDD+ side events than any other single subject in this meeting. Possibly one of the subjects Cancun2010 might come up with something tangible. Many countries, especially forested ones are already developing national REDD+ initiatives to benefit from this initiative that many developed country parties also subscibe to.

Perhaps one of the ways to fully take advantage of the initiative is to link it to other national priorities. This will ensure that REDD+ does not only perform its primary objective to mitigate climate change but also provide multiple benefits.

Biodiversity conservation is one such benefit that REDD+ is perceived to provide. A few (there are many more) issues to consider include; idenfying and protecting those areas with high carbon that coincide with areas important for biodiversity and identifying pressures on carbon stocks in these important areas.

The challenge, however remains in areas (e.g. subtropics) where there is no relationship between biodiversity and carbon. It also depends on the kind of biodiversity that is being referred to here, wheather it is species diversity or the biological diversity that maintains the resilience of the ecosystem to provide ecosystem services.

Interesting to see that many countries, especially low forested ones, emphasise more on co-benefits of REDD+.

Verlo nuevamente, mantenga bien! 😉