Scramble for vulnerability

Undoubtely everyone is vulnerable to climate change impacts, and so are developed countries. However, least developed and small island states, etc are more vulnerable than everyone else. Some G77 member countries and China have contested the Bali Action Plan (BAP) specifying they are equally vulnerable.

It is however, not helpful under the UNFCCC to contest for who is more vulnerable than the other, but focus on reasonable allocation of the limited resources for adaptation.

1 thought on “Scramble for vulnerability

  1. The trend in negotiations of the climate change agreements is not new. It is very similar to what is happening with the Doha negotiations. I am of the opinion that these negotiations be conducted on a regional basis so that countries agree on broad issues at the regional level. Discussion of the details will follow once all countries are agreed in the different regions. Other wise we shall get to Durban at the end of the year with no progress made!

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