BASIC experts discuss equity, accounting and low-carbon development

The sixth BASIC expert forum was held in Beijing, China, on 30-31 October 2011, immediately prior to the ninth BASIC Ministerial meeting.

The experts finalized a paper on equitable access to sustainable development, after intensive work for over a year. The Ministers of BASIC countries agreed to publish the paper, containing a chapter from researches in each of the countries, and a joint chapter upfront. It will be officially launched at a side event at COP17 and CMP7 in Durban on 3 December 2011.

Experts also discussed accounting by Annex I countries for mitigation and finance. On mitigation, the experts emphasized the responsibility of Annex I countries, to take deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, with must go together with strengthening accounting rules. Targets and rules go together.

On Annex I reporting on finance, the discussions focused on common reporting format (CRF) on finance. Noting that a collective financial commitments had been formally agreed for the first time, the experts concluded that a first step would be enhanced reporting, which would lay the basis for a second step, assessing progress against the commitment to mobilise $ 100 billion / year by 2020.

Experts presented low-carbon development strategies as both a challenge and an opportunity, having noted in previous meetings already that all BASIC countries are engaging in active planning. Challenges relate to meeting climate and development imperatives at the same time, in a context of limitation of technology, human resources, and additional cost. Opportunities were identified, among others, in improving energy security, planning, and identifying opportunities such as lower energy infrastructure.