Yesterday evening (29/11/2011) ERC researcher, Anya Boyd represented the Energy Research Centre at a side event hosted by the Indian Resources Institute (TERI) along with project collaborators Tschingua University from China, and Vitae Civilis from Brazil.

The project will span over 2-3 years and is exploring the approach to NAMA’s across the partner countries of Brazil, South Africa, India and China. The project is still in it’s early stages and is divided into 3 work packages. The first Work Package was presented by TERI yesterday and is investigating a potential criteria for assessing ‘country preparedness’ for NAMAs.

Anya presented on the ERC’s work related to NAMA’s including the 4 technical analyses of NAMAs presented at Cancun last year, the mitigation action case studies under MAPS and ERC’s current research work looking at domestic MRV of NAMAs. The main focus of her presentation was on the South African Mitigation Action case study, which the ERC undertook as part of the MAPS programme. This study focused mainly on implementational issues specific to South Africa.

The MAPS case studies for Peru, Colombia, Chile and Brazil will be launched tomorrow along with the SAMA case study. They are also available at: