ERC Seminar on Research on RE IPPPP

We invited to this seminar to share some of the thinking and research the ERC has been and still is doing around the RE IPPPP. Our researchers are engaged with different aspects of this programme and briefly presented their work.

Louise Tait introduced the RE IPPPP and will then be speaking about the economic development elements in particular. She is presenting the findings of her masters thesis research. Louise did her masters with the ERC and is now working for the Energy, Poverty and Development (EPD) team.

Anya Boyd from the Energy, Environment and Climate Change (E2C2) team and Holle Wlokas (EPD) shared academic reflections from work alongside IPP project developers. These were mostly wind developers and our role was to assist with two of the economic development elements- enterprise development and socio economic development.

Britta Rennkamp, also from the E2C2 team, took then over and spoke about her current work looking into the local content aspect of the programme and comparing this with the situation in Brazil.

The third presentation was held by Wendy Engel. She is also in the E2C2 team and is currently exploring the financial aspects behind the programme and its projects.