“NAMAs are about more than just mitigation”

On Saturday Ecofys hosted a side event on the latest development in NAMAs. It included speakers from Ecofys, ECN, MAPS (Harald and Marta), CCAP and the Peruvian Ministry of Environment.

The variety of presentations and discussions provided an overview of the development of NAMAs to date. The session proved to be a refreshing injection to the NAMA debate and demonstrated that at least things were actually happening – a contrast to inside the UNFCCC plenaries where there is yet to be a final decision on the definition of a NAMA…

Ecofys showcased their NAMA-database, ECN introduced the NAMA status report and CCAP reported back on lessons learnt from their MAIN project. Harald Winkler & Marta Torres Gunfaus shared inspirational experiences from MAPS & our work streams on mitigation actions, poverty and placing low carbon development in the context of national development priorities. Tania Zamora Ramos – a fellow MAPSer from Peru – outlined a country perspective on attempting to coordinate various NAMA programmes and reiterated the issue of building institutional capacity in order to implement NAMAs. The ‘PlanCC’ project was also introduced: go Plan CC!

Niklas Hoehne (Ecofys) summarised the discussions nicely as follows:

  • There is a lot happening in NAMA development
  • NAMA is more than just mitigation
  • Let’s not disappoint the high expectation around NAMA’s

The full side event was reviewed in the Earth Negotiations Bulletin here: http://www.iisd.ca/climate/sb36/enbots/pdf/enbots12540e.pdf