Technology for Sustainable Development conference

The Technology for Sustainable Development conference is currently under way at the EPFL campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. The main themes are on role of development, partnerships and technologies in achieving sustainable development objectives. Practitioners and researchers have the opportunity to share experiences on diverse themes from energy, agriculture, waste and water to the role of stakeholder engagement, effective community participation and how to ensure national governments & policy makers are involved.

Furthermore discussions evolved around:

  • focusing not just on ‘appropriate technology’ but also ‘appropriate strategy’
  • how to deal with bottom to top policy making?
  • how to guarantee participation in the policy design?
  • moving scientific research to operational implementation

A poster was presented (see below) which shared some of the research work currently being undertaken by the ERC, which relates to many of the above issues including our work on MAPS, UNITAR/C3D+ AIM & Just Energy.