UNEP and GNESD Energy Access Workshop in Cape Town

The ERC is a Member Centre of the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD). GNESD is a UNEP facilitated knowledge network of Member Centres of Excellence and network partners in the global south. The main objective of GNESD is to carry out policy analysis on thematic energy issues, which can assist in promoting sustainable development and reaching the Millennium Development Goals. Since 2002, the network has been engaged in undertaking policy analysis in the field of energy and development through thematic studies involving African, Asian and Latin American Centres of Excellence.

The ERC, as the GNESD outreach coordinating centre for Southern Africa organised the workshop which was held at the Domestic Use of Energy (DUE) conference from 2 – 4 April 2012. This workshop was in recognition of 2012 being the UN’s Year of Sustainable Energy for All (www.sustainableenergyforall.org) and hosted a variety of speakers talking on topics related to the challenges and priorities around energy access both in South Africa and internationally.

Title of presentation Speaker Organisation
Keynote speaker: 2012 Year of sustainable energy access and the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD) Dr Emmanuel Ackom UNEP, Risoe
2012 Year of sustainable access: Research priorities Dr Magi Matinga Independent researcher
Modern energy services for the last 20% in South Africa Dr Wolsey Barnard Department of Energy, South Africa
Energy access in Latin America and East Asia Dr Daniel Bouille Fundacion Bariloche, Argentina
Widening energy access in Africa: Opportunities and barriers Dr Gisela Prasad Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town
Energy access as an opportunity for job creation and poverty alleviation Mr Ivan Yaholnitsky Bethel Business Community Development Centre, Lesotho
Modernisation of woodfuels in Africa Ms Alison Hughes Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town

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