Anton Eberhard: The folly of big coal, big nuclear and big networks

National Planning Commissioner Anton Eberhard will present the keynote address he gave at South Africa’s Electricity Supply Conference in mid-August. Titled Towards a secure, competitively priced and environmentally sustainable electricity future. Or the three follies indicated in the title. The keynote address began: “Some years ago, a senior Eskom Executive told me that at the heart of Eskom’s business model was ‘big coal, big nuclear and big networks’. I can’t think of a more Neanderthal business model.”

Eberhard is also Professor at the Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation at the Graduate School of Business, UCT.

To hear more and join in the discussion, please join us in the Snape Boardroom, 4th floor, New Engineering Building, UCT Upper Campus

Wednesday 4 September 2013 12:30-1:30pm