Equitable Access to Sustainable Development (EASD) Workshop

On March 5,6 and 7 the ERC MAPS team will host several distinguished thinkers in the Climate Change field at a workshop in Cape Town, South Africa.

Over the three days a range of topics will be discussed, including conceptual approaches to equitable access to sustainable development; carbon budgets and burden sharing; equity and CBDR & RC; numbers with inputs based on work by BASIC experts and others; and operationalizing EASD under the Durban Platform. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate some new thinking on how to operationalise equity in the climate change regime and unpack the highly politicized issues around equitable access to sustainable development in an academic space, seek better understanding of various approaches and thereby hopefully narrow differences on this crucial matter. Participants are academics and practitioners drawn from the BASIC countries, as well as Mali, Grenada, UK, USA, Germany and Australia. The MAPS-partner countries of Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru will also be represented.

The workshop will be facilitated by ERC researchers Prof Harald Winkler, Dr Andrew Marquard, Km Coetzee & Anthony Dane in conjunction with Stef Raubenheimer, Process Lead on the MAPS Programme, based at NGO SouthSouthNorth.

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