ERC Seminar Series: From Policy to Implementation – Energy Projects in Brazil and South Africa

From Policy to Implementation: Energy Projects in Brazil and South Africa

Both the Brazilian and South African governments have announced many recent programs – from developmentalist industrial policies to climate change mitigation commitments – with implications for their national energy matrices. This seminar will present work in progress that aims to look systematically at what actually gets built in the electricity sector in each country and the actors and processes that have influenced those outcomes. The seminar will present results from past research on Brazil and initial observations about South Africa.

Kathryn Hochstetler is the CIGI Chair of Governance in the Americas at the University of Waterloo, in Canada. She has a PhD in political science from the University of Minnesota, US

Wednesday 07th August 1-2:30pm, in the ERC Seminar Room, 6th Floor Menzies Building, Upper Campus

Please RSVP to as snacks will be provided