Green Week 15-20 April

Green Week on UCT campus is just one week away!

The week is absolutely filled with amazing events- read below to see what you would like to attend and get involved in 🙂

Clothing Swap:

Venue: UCT Upper Campus, Hiddingh Campus, Med School

Date: Monday 15th-Wednesday 17th

Description: This event is one where you can take out the old and bring in the new! Another man’s
trash is another man’s treasure, etc. Bring the clothing you don’t wish to wear anymore and have an
opportunity to swap it over these three days.

Art Exhibition opening:

Venue: Michaelis Art Gallery

Date: Monday 15th – 6pm

Description: An event sure to be a win! Come and enjoy some free cheese and wine along with
the amazing art of fellow UCT students and graduates. This exhibit is themed on being “Aweh”.
Yes, that is a play on words for “aware”. This is an exhibit all to do with environmental design and
sustainability in the form of some amazing artworks.

Art Exhibit After-Party:

Venue: Mercury Night club

Date: Monday 15th

Description: Okay so we are having a pretty great party at the Art Exhibit, but why stop it there? This
after party is a great bargain for all you students out there. Tickets will be sold R10 each, which will
get you entrance and a free shot on arrival! Be sure not to miss out on the GCI Mercury Monday


With Greening comes great responsibility. And yes this may put a downer on many people’s spirits,
but don’t be alarmed, these speakers are sure to get you “GOING”. We have three great speakers
planned from Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th. Plus you get free popcorn if you come.

1. David Benatar: The ethics of vegetarianism
Date: Monday Meridian
Venue: TBA

2. Dr John Parker: The Culture of addiction
Date: Tuesday 6pm
Venue: Medical Campus TBA

3. Cormac Cullinan: 21st century Activism from Human Rights to Earth Rights

Date: Wednesday during meridian
Venue: TBA

Vegilicious Picnic:

Venue: Where ever the wind blows you

Date: Thursday 18th

Description: Ever wanted a cheap and healthy meal? Well look no further! Green week is offering
the opportunity for you and a mate to enjoy a healthy meal for a great bargain. All you have to do
is pre-order by emailing MPTTIR001 . If you order now you can get a picnic for R50 for
2 or R30 for 1. If you order during Green week you will be charged R60 for 2 people and R35 for 1
person, so get it while it’s hot! All orders will have to be paid for by Wednesday the 17 th at the GCI
gazebo on Jammie Plaza in order for you to be able to collect them on Thursday the 18 th. There is a
limited number of picnic hampers available so make sure you order now!

Jammie Thursday:

Venue: Jammie Plaza

Date: Thursday 18th

Description: What is a Green week without a Jammie Thursday event? We have a great surprise in
store for you! The Nomadic Orchestra has agreed to give UCT its own private gig. Come join us on
Plaza to enjoy some good music and great company. Be sure to watch out for a competition hosted
by RideLink during the plaza event, too!

Early Fridays:

Venue: Waiting Room, Long Street

Date: Friday 19th – 5pm onwards

Description: Come and join us for a chilled evening full of great green vibes. This early Friday has
been specifically themed for Green week. If you participate in the raffle you could stand a chance of
winning a hand decorated bottle of tequila!

Green Hike:

Venue: TBA

Date: Saturday 20th

Many of you are just itching to get into the great outdoors and breathe in a bit of fresh air, especially
after a hectic week of tests and jolling! We have collaborated with Mountain Ski Club and Zoobots,
which is sure to get you all re-invigorated. Join us on a very casual hike where we will be clearing
paths and enjoying a little bit of nature. Everyone is welcome (you don’t have to be part of any of
the societies), so bring your friends!

Other things to look out for:

Keep an eye out for our Vegilicious bake sales happening on med and Upper campus throughout the
week (Monday Upper, Friday Med), as well as a special appearance from Frys!

Jammie Bikes will be hosting a bike race on plaza the Tuesday 16th.

Many Societies are taking on the Green Challenge. Look out for a talk hosted by the Underwater
club on Friday 19th April regarding the Great White shark and its conservation.

P for Pinata is raising money for a great cause and if you participate in their raffle you could stand a
chance to win 2 tickets to the Reforestation party hosted by Greenpop.