SANEA Lecture: Quantifying the Energy Needs of the South African Transport Sector

Quantifying the Energy Needs of the South African Transport Sector – Wednesday 14 August 2013

Please join our own Adrian Stone from the Energy Research Centre at this SANEA Lecture

Transport is a large consumer of energy (±30% of Total Final Consumption) in South Africa and vital for economic development. Supply interruptions are costly to the economy and careful long-term planning is required to ensure that there is sufficient infrastructure to support the efficient functioning and growth of the transport sector in the future. Long-term planning requires an accurate depiction of the status quo regarding the demand for passenger and freight transport in different transport modes. It also requires projections of future demand for passenger and freight transport, and a translation of demand for transport into a demand for fuel and infrastructure requirements.This presentation covers the results of a project undertaken for the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) to investigate these pressing issues by attempting to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the medium-to-long-term trends in demand for passenger and freight transportation under different scenario assumptions?
  2. What is the resulting demand for liquid fuels under different scenario assumptions?
  3. What are the emissions associated with each of the scenarios?

A number of integrated models were developed in the process and their methodologies and data rich outputs published in detail into the public domain

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