NAAA, I want my MMAA!

Ah, some more of my favourite things, new acronyms! This time for the UNSG’s Climate Summit 2014.

NAAA: National Action and Ambition Announcements. MMAA: Multilateral and Multi-stakeholder Action Announcements.

NAAAs take place in the morning, MMAAs in the afternoon. Participation at UN headquarters is by invitation only, and no side events – shocking! Action and ambition behind closed doors? The rest of us get to follow a Climate Week – or can watch on web-cast at

But quibbles aside, there is potential for change here. Political will – if it is shown – can move mountains. Let’s hope lots of it is in evidence in NAAAs, and that the MMAAs are more concrete than the shopping list in ADP WS2. Certainly some interesting themes, from renewable energy, through energy efficiency, to another personal favourite, co-benefits. In fact, developmental and climate benefits should be multi-objectives, both at the same time.

[UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon has called Heads of State and Government (HOSG) to New York on 23 September 2014, meeting ahead of the UN General Assembly.]