JESA 27(4)

Articles in this issue

  • The South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme: A Review and Lessons Learned
    Anton Eberhard, Raine Naude
  • Measurement and verification of irrigation pumping DSM projects: Application of novel methodology designs
    M. E. Storm, R. Gouws, L.J. Grobler
  • Assessing the effectiveness of South Africa’s emissions based purchase tax for private passenger vehicles: a consumer choice modelling approach.
    S.J. Vosper, J.-F. Mercure
  • Investigation of an octagon-shaped chimney solar power plant.
    L.W. Beneke, C.J.S. Fourie, Z. Huan
  • Guideline for energy management in the South African wine industry.
    Alan Brent, Cebo Silinga, Nadia Sanetra
  • Developing skills for neutronic modelling of nuclear power reactors in South Africa.
    Gezekile Nyalunga, Vishana Naicker, Maria du Toit
  • Managing a transition to green energy sources: The perspectives of energy practitioners in the Southern African Development Community region. Justice Ramagoma, Chris Adendorff
  • Assessing the Costs and Risks of the South African Electricity Portfolio: A Portfolio Theory Approach
    Mantombi Bashe, Mercy Shuma-Iwisi, Michael Anton van Wyk

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