G19 strong on energy and climate change – action to follow

Surprisingly strong result on energy and climate from G20 summit, or more accurately the G19. Passed the first part of ‘Trump Test’, as Germanwatch put it in an excellent, detailed analysis. The 19 (including Russia and Saudi Arabia) recommitted to the Paris Agreement. Moving to action is part 2, and a detailed Climate and Energy Action Plan is a good basis. Only the US cites ‘clean’ fossil fuels – but won’t stop momentum of the energy transition, to a greener economy based on renewables and efficiency.  Much will depend on how the action plan is implemented, but a clear focus on finance, and disclosure of finance may help, among other elements. Long-term strategies are getting support too. See more reactions from civil society here  from some who were there (unlike me). It was G20 minus 1 – again remarkably frank about disagreements, as the G7, um G6, had been at Ministerial level. And another strong performance from Angela Merkel, not shy to name the differences. But in a great cartoon by Zapiro , perhaps Mutti might feel a bit tired (see at top, source https://www.zapiro.com/170711dm )