‘Green’ rating a first for UCT

The 400-seater New Lecture Theatre (NLT), at the southern end of University Avenue, was built with the aim of obtaining a four-star green rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

Jigisha Mandalia, MPhil in Energy and Development Studies student at UCT’s Energy Research Centre, conducted a case study analysis of three recently completed UCT buildings: the New Engineering Building, Snape and the NLT.

“UCT has been working on developing plans and targets to improve sustainability across campus since 2008,” explains Mandalia. “In 2012, a policy was adopted that stated that all new buildings will have a minimum four-star rating.”

Her research titled ‘An analysis of institutional structures and decision making processes that affect the sustainability of buildings at the University of Cape Town’, looked at the various barriers and challenges that exist at UCT that hinder the advancement of sustainability – particularly sustainable buildings.

“NLT’s rating can be seen as a great achievement, but on the other hand one can question why only in 2016 do we have an accredited building? Or why only four stars and not higher?” she says.

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