About the ERC

The core ERC organizing committee of this conference comprises Associate Professor Harald Winkler, Dr Andrew Marquard and Ms Meagan Jooste. For any further queries please contact Ms Meagan Jooste at erc-climatechange@uct.ac.za or on +27 (0) 21 650 2420.

The Energy, Environment & Climate Change group (E2C2)

This group (one of four at the ERC) researches the intersection between energy, local environment and global climate change. It aims to contribute to minimising impacts of energy use and production, from social, economic and environmental perspectives. Internationally and in South Africa, energy is the sector contributing most to global climate change and to local air pollution.

The Economics of Climate Change logo.In addition to the economics of climate change theme, research themes relating to global climate change include mitigation, greenhouse gas inventories, the impact of potential future allocation schemes on SA, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), capacity building and adaptation to the impacts of climate change. This includes strategic analysis to evaluate and prioritise mitigation opportunities, methodologies economic and financial analysis, as well as emission baselines for CDM projects. Our emphasis lies in demonstrating how these projects can benefit the poor.

For more on this group see the main ERC website.