In order of proceedings.
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Presentations from Authors

  • Aligning South African energy and climate change mitigation policy
    Emily Tyler; PRESENTATION
  • Carbon pricing and industrial policy in South Africa
    Brent Cloete and Genna Robb; PRESENTATION
  • What is fair? Meeting a national emission reduction target in an experimental setting.
    Kerri Brick and Martine Visser; PRESENTATION
  • Estimating the demand elasticity for electricity by sector in South Africa
    Roula Inglesi and James Blignaut;PRESENTATION
  • Modelling the impact of CO2 taxes in combination with the Long Term Mitigation Scenarios on emissions in South Africa using a dynamic computable general equilibrium model.
    Marna Kearney; PRESENTATION
  • Innovative environment for enhancing carbon markets and prices
    Francis Yamba; PRESENTATION
  • A comparative analysis of CDM in South Africa and China Redefining the role of CDM in the quest for putting a price on carbon in South Africa
    John Fay, Farai Kapfudzaruwa and Lin Na; PRESENTATION
  • Structuring approaches to pricing carbon in energy- and trade-intensive sectors: options for South Africa
    Harald Winkler, Meagan Jooste and Andrew Marquard; PRESENTATION
  • Mitigation in India: Emission trading as a possible policy option
    Prabhat Upadhyaya; PRESENTATION
  • Regulating energy demand and consumption in South Africa: Is carbon
    pricing sufficient?
    Tebogo Makube; PRESENTATION
  • A comparison of emissions trading and carbon taxation as carbon mitigation options for South Africa
    Michael Goldblatt; PRESENTATION
  • Carbon trading or carbon tax? Weighing up South Africa’s mitigation options
    Genna Robb, Emily Tyler and Brent Cloete; PRESENTATION

Plenary presentations by guest speakers