When Loss and Damage is as good as it gets (reflections on Warsaw)

You know you’re in trouble when – the Warsaw international mechanism on “loss and damage” is as good as it gets. The climate negotiations the ended last week in the Polish capital launched a mechanism. Loss and Damage (L&D) is what happens when you can no longer adapt to impacts. The damages of typhoon Haiyan were a striking reminder how extreme events can lead to irreparable losses. And in the final hours, well beyond finishing time, negotiators did agree a… Read moreWhen Loss and Damage is as good as it gets (reflections on Warsaw)

Equity the “new black”

In Durban in 2011 NAMAs were very fashionable amongst side-event organisers; this year Equity is making a strong showing in a bid to be “the new black”. So it was without too much surprise that on Wednesday I found myself at a Christian Aid side event entitled, “Closing the Equity Gap – Is Equity an enabler or barrier to increasing ambition?”. The side event’s panelist included the ERC’s Prof Harald Winkler. The intent was to provide a forum to discuss… Read moreEquity the “new black”

BASIC experts discuss equity, accounting and low-carbon development

The sixth BASIC expert forum was held in Beijing, China, on 30-31 October 2011, immediately prior to the ninth BASIC Ministerial meeting. The experts finalized a paper on equitable access to sustainable development, after intensive work for over a year. The Ministers of BASIC countries agreed to publish the paper, containing a chapter from researches in each of the countries, and a joint chapter upfront. It will be officially launched at a side event at COP17 and CMP7 in Durban… Read moreBASIC experts discuss equity, accounting and low-carbon development

Focus on essentials

With the Cancún negotations in their last day, despite all depression and regression and post-Copenhagen stress disorder, the focus has to be on the essential outcomes. For developing countries, including South Africa, the challenge of making poverty history is the central policy concern. But we understand that climate action is urgent, and that every year of further delay makes the task more difficult – and the likely impacts greater. Cancún must answer a simple question: Is there a future for… Read moreFocus on essentials