Harald Winkler on Nuclear Build

“South Africa could soon spend over R1-trillion on its new nuclear build programme. The president himself is driving the process. Why do our nuclear ambitions seem non-negotiable when energy experts say we don’t need to rush the decision and that nuclear is neither cost effective nor necessary? Carte Blanche asks the hard questions…”

IRP update makes a step-change to informed decision-making

The 2013 update of IRP 2010 is very good technically – and more than that. In several respects, I think it is a significant improvement on the previous electricity plan, moving from presenting a single ‘preferred plan’ to decision-making under uncertainty. Nuclear and concentrating solar power (CSP) are to be reconsidered, in relation to actual demand, shale gas and cost (a threshold for nuclear, and learning for CSP). To explain which document I’m referring to: The Integrated Electricity Plan (IRP… Read moreIRP update makes a step-change to informed decision-making

Rio+20: A story of elephants & a rat

The Rio +20 summit came to an end without much suspense in the negotiations. The participating nations agreed on a 52 paged document, which restated the challenge and postponed major decisions into 2015. The past twenty years have made the results of the 1992 summit more significant than they were at the time. During this summit, the world’s nations recognized the sustainable development challenge for the first time, and that they need to tackle this problem collectively. The climate and… Read moreRio+20: A story of elephants & a rat