Normalising apples & pears: comparing trade offs for pro-poor mitigation options

Imagine the juggling act being asked of policy makers: they’ve got to spread limited resources between meeting the government’s objective of reducing poverty to zero percent; at the same time, they’ve got to make a handbrake turn on the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. And since poverty alleviation is often linked with development, and development usually translates into emissions increases, it seems as though they’re being asked to do the impossible. This week, the University of Cape Town’s Energy Research Centre… Read moreNormalising apples & pears: comparing trade offs for pro-poor mitigation options

Current EPD work

The Energy, Poverty and Development group is concerned with energy issues that affect sustainable development and improved livelihoods for poorer communities in South Africa and other developing countries. Current research topics are: low-carbon development, mitigation and poverty household energy interventions and policies community development in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (RE IPPPP) energy access The research generally includes a process of feedback to national policy-makers and energy supply agencies. The experiences gained through our fieldwork and policy research are… Read moreCurrent EPD work

“NAMAs are about more than just mitigation”

On Saturday Ecofys hosted a side event on the latest development in NAMAs. It included speakers from Ecofys, ECN, MAPS (Harald and Marta), CCAP and the Peruvian Ministry of Environment. The variety of presentations and discussions provided an overview of the development of NAMAs to date. The session proved to be a refreshing injection to the NAMA debate and demonstrated that at least things were actually happening – a contrast to inside the UNFCCC plenaries where there is yet to… Read more“NAMAs are about more than just mitigation”

BASIC experts discuss equity, accounting and low-carbon development

The sixth BASIC expert forum was held in Beijing, China, on 30-31 October 2011, immediately prior to the ninth BASIC Ministerial meeting. The experts finalized a paper on equitable access to sustainable development, after intensive work for over a year. The Ministers of BASIC countries agreed to publish the paper, containing a chapter from researches in each of the countries, and a joint chapter upfront. It will be officially launched at a side event at COP17 and CMP7 in Durban… Read moreBASIC experts discuss equity, accounting and low-carbon development