Equity the “new black”

In Durban in 2011 NAMAs were very fashionable amongst side-event organisers; this year Equity is making a strong showing in a bid to be “the new black”. So it was without too much surprise that on Wednesday I found myself at a Christian Aid side event entitled, “Closing the Equity Gap – Is Equity an enabler or barrier to increasing ambition?”. The side event’s panelist included the ERC’s Prof Harald Winkler. The intent was to provide a forum to discuss… Read moreEquity the “new black”

A few words on coping at COPs

After 2.5 COP’s (the 0.5 comprising of hours and days of queuing to get into COP 15 in Copenhagen but alas not getting in) I am by no means a COP-veteran. Hats off to those that are now seasoned COP-pers. It is easy to identify those that have been at it for years – mainly as they have a photo on their UNFCCC ID badge which is definetly more than 10 years old… However as a 2.5-seasoned Observer at this… Read moreA few words on coping at COPs