SA ratifies Paris Agreement

South Africa has ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change. In doing so, it has joined the growing momentum to take climate action. 87 countries had ratified already, exceeding the requirement of 55 Parties – and on 5 October, the second ‘trigger’ of representing 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions was also met. Thirty days after these two triggers were met, the Agreement formally ‘enters into force’ – on 4 November 2016.   SA snuck in with its instrument of ratification… Read moreSA ratifies Paris Agreement

Focus on essentials

With the Cancún negotations in their last day, despite all depression and regression and post-Copenhagen stress disorder, the focus has to be on the essential outcomes. For developing countries, including South Africa, the challenge of making poverty history is the central policy concern. But we understand that climate action is urgent, and that every year of further delay makes the task more difficult – and the likely impacts greater. Cancún must answer a simple question: Is there a future for… Read moreFocus on essentials