Danish paper leaked

A paper drafted by the Danish Prime Ministers office was leaked earlier this week. It caused a bit of a stir but was not really big news. The Danish PM had been showing the paper informally to various countries, seeking support. It had received little, being described by some as ‘more American than the Americans’ and by others as not being in touch with the negotiations. Even the Danish Ministry for Climate did not like it much – although they… Read moreDanish paper leaked

Rotten eggs

Copenhagen is here. The world is set to come together to throw their eggs at a new climate change deal – or are they? Much of the discussion is on what Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction targets developed (Annex 1) countries should take on by 2020. Most following the climate change negotiations have safely placed their eggs in their negotiation baskets. How many of these will be broken is yet to be seen. Civil society for one, spear headed by… Read moreRotten eggs

From impressions to the fossil of the day

There is no doubt that we are at COP15. As soon as I got off my flight I was bombarded by exciting advertising aimed to provoke my climate change guilt. Amongst the most innovative were those by the “tcktcktck” campaign showing aged world leaders like Barack Obama and Gordon Brown with slogans saying “In Copenhagen we could have saved the world”. Siemens also has a great “Hopenhagen” campaign.


On the second day in Copenhagen, negotiators got down to work on text (at least in most areas. In some rooms, the discussions still dragged on about which text should be worked on.   But overall, there is a serious mood of engagement. The big question on everyone’s mind is where the overarching decision text will come from.