The Minister keeps us in the loop!

Having only arrived on Sunday the 13th in Copenhagen, halfway through the negotiations, Meagan and I (Thapelo) were really privileged to find that a meeting (briefing session) had been arranged with the South African delegation team, including the Minister herself, for all interested parties from South Africa. Although the Minister herself could not be in the meeting for long due to an emergency ministerial meeting of the Africa Group to address the “killing Kyoto” saga of that morning, she managed to give us an overview of the really pressing issues, including the issue of the meeting she was rushing to.


In the absence of the Minister, Joanne, who is part of the delegation, then took us through all the details of the morning saga, the position of the South African negotiating team and their expectations. It was a very informative meeting indeed. I truly believe the Minister and her team deserve a big thumbs-up for keeping South Africans who are in Copenhagen in the loop!!