Linking Rio Conventions (CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD)

Buenos días

Landed in the beautiful city of Cancun, warm and humid, and finding my way to hotel Flamingo in Spanish was a little bit of a challenge, but my sign language skill did some tricks, :).

Attended the first side even on linking Rio conventions (CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD). Presentations by Japan’s Deputy Minister of environment and the Korean Director of environment. Both were reviewing the Nagoya outcomes on linking the Rio conventions.

Their talks were on the ecosystem approach to climate change mitigation and linking that to biodiversity conservation, combatting desertification and mitigate the effects of drought in countries experiencing serious drought and/or desertification, particularly in Africa. These were more on exploring the synergies between the three Rio conventions and what to negotiate for in Cancun 2010 and beyond.

The emphasis was on the reality that at community level, the three conventions function collectively and hence a need for joint efforts/activities to achieve multiple benefits.

Bye por ahora, chat para más tarde!