You are sitting on carbon!

One of the challenges in LULUCF accounting system was identified as the failure to account for all carbon pools including harvested carbon products (HWP), including the chair you are sitting on. Some countries claim that some carbon pools such as that in land conversion are not handled well and hence no full accounting can be possible.

If this carbon is not accounted for, bioenergy industry will win the competition for wood. Also if not all land types are not included in accounting, and current exclusion of HWP, no full accounting will be possible.


1 thought on “You are sitting on carbon!

  1. Were we not happier in the days before “harvestable wood products” came back up for inclusion in inventory assesments? Under the current accounting rules, isn’t the assumption that once harvested, wood is converted immediately to atmospheric CO2, thus providing one of the very few assumptions in accounting that falls on the conservative side. Now we will have to figure out decay factors for different wood products (furniture, paper housing etc) that opens the system up further to all sorts of gaming. I feel like a forest in exhaustion.

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