ERC Seminar Series: Sustainable communities and equity – Opportunities and challenges in California’s climate change legislation

Chris Benner – Associate Professor, Community and Regional Development, Department of Human Ecology, University of California Davis

In 2008, California passed landmark legislation (SB 375) designed to help meet required greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, through promoting integrated land use, housing and transportation planning. Metropolitan regions in California are now required to produce a Sustainable Community Strategy that demonstrates how they will reach these GHG targets by reducing sprawl and increasing transit oriented development. Social equity advocates see SB 375 as a valuable opportunity to expand access to affordable housing, transit and jobs for disadvantaged populations. Chris Benner will present findings from a detailed case study of the Sacramento Region (see ), analysing the impact of this legislation on efforts to incorporate equity goals into the political and planning processes that shape regional development patterns. The experience in the region highlights both opportunities and challenges in implementation of this forward looking legislation. The legislation provides equity advocates a modest set of new leverage points to link affordable housing and transportation planning, and promote a more equitable distribution of spending patterns in the region.

Energy Research Centre Seminar room 6th floor, Menzies Building

Monday 9 September 2013, 12:30-­‐1:30pm