In memoriam: Peet du Plooy.

Peet.jpg It was with great shock and immense sadness that we heard the news that our friend and colleague, Peet du Plooy, was murdered in his home in Pretoria last week Sunday. Many of the E2C2 team have had the good fortune of working with Peet over the years in his various roles at WWF and TIPS, and have come to enjoy his enthusiasm for life, offbeat sense of humour and the passion with which he approached both work and life.

This is another sad example of the toll crime exacts on the capacity of our country to improve itself.

Yesterday we held a seminar Electric Vehicles – on one of Peet’s favourite topics – as a memorial lecture. Peet has been taken from us, but he is not forgotten.

1 thought on “In memoriam: Peet du Plooy.

  1. Peet, gentle giant of intellect we miss your optimism and sense of humor. May the visionary seeds you planted in numerous minds sprout and bear ‘sustainable’ fruit once those minds have matured to grapple the logic you have long ago figured out and expressed in clear, simple language.
    Marba Visagie

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