EPD team

Dr. Gisela Prasad

Dr Gisela Prasad- Team leader

Ph.D (Sorbonne);
MSc (Sorbonne)

Gisela is the head of the EPD team at the Energy Research Centre. Her current research interests are in the supply, use and development impact of energy and technologies for the poor in Africa. She also focusses on policies, strategies and business models of improving energy access for the poor.

Previously Gisela was research professor and the director of the Institute of Southern African Studies, a development- and policy-oriented research centre at the University of Lesotho from 1991-2001. Earlier she taught geology and palaeontology at the Universities of Khartoum/Sudan and Dar es Salaam/Tanzania.

She joined the Energy Research Centre in 2001

Holle Linnea Wlokas

Diplom/MPhil (Freie Universitaet Berlin)

Holle Linnea Wlokas

email: holle.wlokas@uct.ac.za


Diplom (equivalent to a Masters degree) in Political Science from the Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Germany (2010). And two years of studies of Political Science, Geography and Psychology at the Rheinisch-Westfaelisch Technische Hochschule in Aachen, Germany.

Current research interests

– Socio-economic development through renewable energy projects
– Mitigation and poverty
– Cooking fuels in the informal economy
– Pro-poor projects on the carbon market

Holle was involved during her time as a student in the monitoring and social research in the Kuyasa CDM Project. Subsequently she led the social research in a pilot solar water heating project for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. She worked in short-term assignments with NGO’s like Friends of the Earth in Germany and SouthSouthNorth and consultancies like Eco Ltd. and Restio Energy Ltd in Cape Town.

For a list of publications see Holle’s profile on the ERC website.

Louise Tait

Louise Tait

MPhil (University of Cape Town)

Louise’s current research interests lie in investigating the social contributions of renewable energy developers in South Africa’s renewable procurement programme (RE IPPPP); and in investigating issues around energy use by low-income households in South Africa. This includes barriers to access for different fuels and technologies, health and safety issues and policy implications. She has also recently undertaken a study investigating the GHG emissions associated with electricity usage by poor households in South Africa.

Prior to her MSc, Louise worked for several years at consultancies in both South Africa and the UK in the environmental policy and economic development fields. In the UK she worked on a wide range of projects for local and central government departments undertaking cost-benefit analyses, impact assessments for new policy proposals as well as socio-economic impact assessments for new project developments. Before that she worked as an economic development consultant in South Africa.