NAAA, I want my MMAA!

Ah, some more of my favourite things, new acronyms! This time for the UNSG’s Climate Summit 2014. NAAA: National Action and Ambition Announcements. MMAA: Multilateral and Multi-stakeholder Action Announcements. NAAAs take place in the morning, MMAAs in the afternoon. Participation at UN headquarters is by invitation only, and no side events – shocking! Action and ambition behind closed doors? The rest of us get to follow a Climate Week – or can watch on web-cast at But quibbles aside,… Read moreNAAA, I want my MMAA!

US best-we-can plan not good enough to change the climate

The US President’s Climate Action Plan is the first time in a long while that the US has been proactive on climate change. It is certainly not enough, as in the US contributing a fair share of the cuts needed to actually address climate change. Yet as a refreshing change from decades of inaction it has led many observers to welcome the move. Perhaps too many of us have internalized the domestic constraints in the US, so much that we are inclined… Read moreUS best-we-can plan not good enough to change the climate