Doha: Vague words & fuzzy numbers

The 2012 climate negotiations under the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol did not quite die in the desert sands of Doha.  But they hardly took the big steps forward that are urgently needed. This kind of reflection, of incremental progress in political terms, but falling far short of what is needed, has now been the my sense for several years running. Also similar to past meetings, COP18 and CMP8 ran over time, as did Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban.  The heart… Read moreDoha: Vague words & fuzzy numbers

Australia’s -0.5% commitment

Australia made one of the few major moves in Doha – well, if you consider 5% or 0.5% “major”. Numbers aside, joining the EU with a commitment (QELRO in climate-speak) for the next period was a welcome move. That the reduction is 0.5% below 1990 levels, is what raised some queries nonetheless (for a funny take on -0.5%, watch this video by climate activists).. And that it is with existing land use rules and carrying over units. The -0.5% is… Read moreAustralia’s -0.5% commitment

The Cancun Agreements

An initial assessment by Lavanya Rajamani, Professor – International Law, Centre for Policy Research The Cancun climate negotiations stretched, as now customary, into the early hours of the day after its scheduled end. The events of the final day were far less acrimonious than one would expect after Copenhagen. Indeed, had it not been for the pesky Bolivian delegation repeatedly drawing attention to the lack of ambition in the “Cancun Agreements,” it would have been a virtual love fest. The… Read moreThe Cancun Agreements

Japan no love Kyoto

This mornings delegates in the Cancun Messe were welcomed by Kimono-clad ladies framed by a 2m tall cardboard heart saying ‘Love Kyoto’. This was accompanied by a choir singing ‘All you (Kyoto) need is love’. The purpose was to take polaroids of as many delegates ‘loving Kyoto’. This comes on  the back of Japan’s statement in yesterdays KP (Kyoto Protocol) plenary. In reference to the second committment period of the KP Japan stated ‘Japan will not inscribe its target under… Read moreJapan no love Kyoto