US best-we-can plan not good enough to change the climate

The US President’s Climate Action Plan is the first time in a long while that the US has been proactive on climate change. It is certainly not enough, as in the US contributing a fair share of the cuts needed to actually address climate change. Yet as a refreshing change from decades of inaction it has led many observers to welcome the move. Perhaps too many of us have internalized the domestic constraints in the US, so much that we are inclined… Read moreUS best-we-can plan not good enough to change the climate

How low can you go?

NGOs went into Cancún outlining four scenarios. Rather than contemplating “Breakthrough” or at least “Foundation”, the risk is that we end up in “Regression” or “Zombie” modes of work.  The best scenario would have been that Cancún gives “Momentum”, or the UNFCCC may be thrown a “Lifeline”. Well, the first week felt pretty much like “Zombie”.  Negotiators were going through the motions, not really understanding how things fit together but quasi-robotically fighting over commas and brackets when given sight of… Read moreHow low can you go?