Climate change and the energy-water nexus

COP17 started off in something of a whirlwind. As it is my first COP, day 1 provided its challenge, looking for programmes, venues, stalls and side events. After the first few hours of chaos the day settled down somewhat, and I even managed to find my way to my first negotiation session.   The start of day 2 was accompanied with a more focussed approach, by drawing upon my one day of COP experience. Daily programmes were found with a… Read moreClimate change and the energy-water nexus

The rise of the youth

In two years of following the negotiations I have come to realise how much they have changed – from an old boys’ club to a movement being driven by the youth. Last night was the NGO party, traditionally organised for all observer organisations present at the UNFCCC negotiations. The Vega venue was packed to the brim with a young and energetic group. Faces from all corners of the world were presented, and the sexual tension on the dance floor flowed… Read moreThe rise of the youth